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Tosyalı Toyo Steel Joint-Stock Company

Tosyalı Holding, the leading Turkish private sector producer of flat steel and steel piping, signed a cooperation agreement in February 2012 with Toyo Kohan, a leading company in steel products produced with advanced technology of Japan and the world.

Tosyalı-Toyo Çelik A.Ş. is Turkey’s first advanced technology and high value-added flat steel producer, and its foundations were laid in January 2015 thanks to about three years of preparation work.

The facility was established in a space of 250,000 square meters in the Osmaniye Industrial Zone with a total investment cost of $650 million, and it began trial production in December 2016 and immediately after passed into to serial production.

This investment aims to remove Turkey’s external dependence in advance-technology steel products, and a significant portion of the products it imports is met domestically and contributes to the reduction of the current deficit. 

The facilities host 800 workers with a rolling capacity of 1.0 million tons, and they complete tin plated, galvanized sheet, painted sheet, cold rolled sheet, and acid-oil roll production. The products used in a wide array from the packaging industry to electrical home appliances, from information products to the construction sector, from appliances to automotive meet the needs not only of Turkey but of a wide region stretching from Europe to the Caucasus and from the Middle East to North Africa.

About Toyo Kohan 

Toyo Kohan was founded as the first tin plate producer in Japan in 1934. It is the number-one company that is a pioneer in Japan and has the most advanced production technologies in the world in electro-galvanized, nickel coating, treated surface steel, chromium coating, and film-coated steel. The turnover of Toyo Kohan, which has investments in Japan, Malaysia, and China, was $1.5 billion in 2017. The Company employs about 1,300 people.

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Tosyalı Harsco Recovery Technologies Inc.

Tosyalı Holding, Turkey’s global iron-steel leader, signed off on significant cooperation with the CAMP HILL, PA global industrial company Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) and established a new joint venture for metal recovery services and slag sales at the Tosçelik facilities in Osmaniye.

Tosyalı Harsco Geri Kazanım Teknolojileri A.Ş. was founded in a 7,700 square meter spaces within the Osmaniye Organized Industrial Toscelik Facility and has successfully aimed at increasing the numbers of slag disposal facilities in other regions of our country.

The facility has managed to minimize the need for slag storage area with the use of aggregates that will be raw materials for sectors like the gaining 1.2 million tons of slag waste for the economy, both metal recovery and road construction, and cement and fertilizer production.

About Harsco Environmental

Harsco started operating in the 1850s by presenting slag disposal services to steel producers. It has expanded its operations with an on-site logistics-services network to present solutions that gain efficiency in raw materials and product management. Harsco presents logistical and environmental solutions that are unique in the sector with about 12,000 employees for its customers today.

Harsco Environmental serves its customers as a technology partner for cleaner and more efficient metal production and presents effective solutions to transform production waste piles into beneficial commercial use. Harsco trades on the New York Stock Exchange, and its operations cover about 140 customers in more than 30 countries.

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