We chose the sector’s advanced technological equipment and started production in 2006 at our Tosçelik Granule Factory, for which we laid the foundation in 2006 with the idea that low-carbon steel ball bearings haven’t found the place they deserve in the global steel ball bearing market. We doubled our capacity with the new investment we realized in 2010 with the mission of responding to global steel ball bearing needs. Low-carbon steel ball bearings provide alternative steel abrasives with faster, more environmentalist, and lower-cost operations. With the belief that the advantages of low-carbon steel ball bearings is not adequately known or taken advantage of around the world, our mission is to present to users by producing the highest quality of low-carbon steel ball bearings and to ensure all users benefit from its advantages with our effective and continuous technical support.

We presented to our customers in 2017 our KOTAR products we developed as a result of the detailed R&D work Tosçelik Granule has conducted for a long time. We support our customers having more active sandblasting process management by helping them choose the most suitable products for their processes with out KOTAR products.