Tosçelik Alloyed Engineering Steel Niksic D.O.O. Niksic

Tosçelik Special Steel has a magnificent 60-year tradition in steel production with an expansive array of products and technologies.

Old Željezara joined the group companies in Tosyalı Holding in 2012. Since that day, Tosyalı Holding has made investments on behalf of ‘Tosçelik Nikšić’ to develop its production technologies in accordance with today’s conditions and to obtain a high-quality product.

Tosçelik’s most significant investments include the SVC (Reactive Energy Balancing System) installation, new vacuum station at the steel mill, EAF (Electrical Arc Furnace) and crucible furnace, new RHF (Rotary Furnace) used in heating ingots and blooms in the forged rolling mill, the new lathe counters in which the shells of bars are stripped away, and other technical improvements.

Tosçelik Special Steel is one of the prominent steel producers in Europe and a prominent industry in Montenegro. Our attention to little details and the dedication and expertise of our employees are the guarantees of the quality of the steel we produce. Our array of products has high-quality special steels in various qualities and sizes.

The excellent geographic and strategic position of Montenegro and Nikšić make it possible to quickly and easily deliver problem-free products to our customers around the world using different channels of transportation.