Vision Mission Values


Our Vision

  • To become an innovative, global and preferred company that steers the iron and steel industry and is held up as an example.


Our Mission

By acting as a socially and environmentally responsible company in the steel industry:

  • Conducting production activities within an integrated structure from raw materials to the final product,
  • Using innovative technologies and producing technology,
  • Producing competitive products with high value-added,
  • Embracing continuous improvement as a key principle,
  • Raising people’s quality of life,
  • Creating value for its stakeholders. lives;


Our Values

  • Being trustworthy,  
  • Being innovative,    
  • Being sensitive,   
  • Being strong,   
  • Being benevolent


Our Principles

  • People-oriented management,
  • Customer-oriented management,
  • Technology-led management,
  • A safe work environment,
  • Continuous improvement.