Why Tosyalı Holding

Tosyalı Holding has been aware since its founding that the acquisition of rapidly developing and changing, competitive superiority is only possible through the power and difference of human resources. Tosyalı Holding has adopted the main principle of excellence in all its activities and increasing and developing the value of its high performance.

Tosyalı Holding sincerely believes in the necessity of providing equal working opportunities without observance of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnic status, religion, political approach, or physical approach. This principle is valid for all stages of our business life in our group, from job postings to hiring and training, from promotions to status changes, from various practices related to employees to wages, other additional rights, and training selections.

What has propelled the Tosyalı Group to this point has been the adoption by all our employees of our company culture and fundamental principles. Our difference-making traits include all our employees’ – not the least of which being upper management – keeping themselves open to constant learning and development, internalizing adaptation, and leading change.