Innovation And R&D

Tosyalı Holding aims to be a global steel producer that guides the market with its innovative investments and to be a “Value-adding” company and brand that has adopted the principle of leaving a more environmentally and socially livable world for future generations. It evaluates ideas from its employees and stakeholders with the slogan “Add Value to Your Work with Your Idea” in line with this objective and values the participation of all stakeholders in its innovation, R&D, and process-improvement work.

Since the day it was founded, Tosyalı Holding has made a difference in the sector, researched and implemented innovative, powerful, and advanced technologies, and focused on unproduced added-value products. Iit completes R&D projects within its organization, placing great importance on research and development studies.

Tosyalı Holding’s R&D Center was founded in Osmaniye as a result of its rapid growth with international investments to provide for the synthesis of production technologies and the management of R&D operations from a single center with the accumulation of acquired knowledge. It became the first R&D Center in the region with the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Industry and Technology having certified it in 2017.

Tosyalı Holding produces added-value products not manufactured in our country with the investments it has made and the international partnerships it has established. It adopted the mission of transferring its acquired R&D culture and strength in different arrays of products from four continents to our country and sector.

Our R&D Center harbors a team of engineers from different disciplines, develops cooperation with academic institutions in our region and country, and contributes to the cultivation of the human resources that guide the iron-steel sector.

Our R&D Center serves the entire Tosyalı group by synthesizing the cultures of different companies and is one of our building blocks that contributes to our strategies and goals. It assumes a significant role in the formation of the group’s strategic decisions, in swift development, in manufacturing new products with added value, in the selection of technology, in the reduction of costs, in the increase of efficiency, in the evaluation of waste products, and in the improvement of processes through innovative ideas.