HR Policy

We see our human resources as our most valuable asset that will carry us into the future.

As Tosyalı, we see our human resources as our most valuable asset that will carry our organization into the future. With this understanding, for the development of our human resources, we focus on creating a work environment where it can create not only economic but also environmental and social value and contribute to the construction of sustainable life.

We continue to organize training programs that will ensure the continuous development, increase the competencies of our human resources, and create a work environment that will make development a part of the job. We continue to work towards the target of becoming one of the most preferred three companies by talents in the sector.

  • As Tosyalı, we see inclusion and diversity as one of the most important elements for the future of our business. We provide equal working opportunities and make the suggestions and evaluations of our human resources an integral part of business processes. As an institution that is aware of the creativity, innovation and productivity that diversity brings, we continue our efforts to increase our female employee rate. We see occupational health and safety as the highest priority, and while increasing employee training on this issue, we are renewing our work environment accordingly every day.