Chairman's Message

Dear Sector Stakeholders, Industrialists, and Employees,

As Tosyalı family, we continue to raise the level of our Holding Company with the trust and determination brought by preserving our understanding of life and business since the very first day.

We know quite well while we are trying to maintain our lives, the climate changes. One day the sky is rainy, one day is snowy, and the next is sunny. But there is one thing that doesn’t change. 

Each morning, the sun rises again. 

And we wake up to a new day by being grateful for each breath that we take. In this very day, our single goal is to leave a mark on the path without forgetting about yesterday and to make the road which we walk on even more followed.

My Dear Friends,

In every region, every country we have made investments;

We have taken every business we do seriously with our principles, heirlooms from our father. Most importantly, we valued people. We invested in human. We never gave up on our innovative approach. We valued difference with our quality of production by creating added value. We built all these over our understanding of discipline, and we raced only with ourselves.

We received awards with the investments we made and the employment we created. We always climbed higher in the rankings, the top 500, top 100, top 10. We created jobs, we became the subject of success stories. 

We took the biggest shares in the projects of the century. We became Turkey’s global iron and steel producer and the future of the steel sector.

I want to underline once more that we are determined to continue by increasing our hard work.

We know that everything I mentioned and the figures might change. 

But there is one matter that I am sure will not change. And that’s the importance that we provide to our communal responsibility and that we will provide as long as Tosyalı Holding exists. 

Cultivating useful, good generations for society, giving a hand to needy children, loving, making them feel important, creating opportunities for them.

Helping, providing ease for people who similarly want to experience spirituality. 

Contributing enough of our power to the greening of the material and spiritual values on our land. 

We assume that everything we could do and will do on this path by hard working, as milestones for our way.

It is our biggest wish to remain a wide family that provides thousands of people with work opportunities with its successes, that creates value for the country’s economy with its products, and that is known with prayers for the good it has done.

Thankfully, the sun will rise again tomorrow so we can pay off the price for the breath we take.


Fuat Tosyalı

Chairman of the Board of Directors