In Tosyalı Holding, all quality activities are handled with a system approach in order to meet customer expectations and to ensure customer satisfaction.

The required management, people, work, product and service qualities are continuously improved by ensuring the active participation of all our employees, and achieving goals and consensus.

Our main goal is to contribute to the development and welfare of our country with the widest range of competitive products in line with the changing and developing market conditions by relying on our knowledge and experience at the highest level. 

To this end, our understanding of quality is; 

  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering competitive products, quality, desired time and quantity of products and services in accordance with customer needs and expectations
  • To always support our customers after the sales, by tracking the performance of our products
  • To enable our employees to develop within the framework of cooperation and creativity awareness in order to provide competent personnel and manpower
  • Improving our processes by complying with Environmental and OHS legislation with suggestion system and team works
  • To increase productivity and profitability in order to contribute to the national economy by minimizing production costs with an approach heeding national wealth
  • To develop continuously in an internationally competitive manner and to realize sustainable growth with all our stakeholders
  • Meeting the expectations of our employees, suppliers and stakeholders