Our Investments

International investment projects were added to the ongoing investments without taking a break domestically.

Private Sector First Flat Steel Production

The Tosyalı Family has moved to new investments to further fortify its position in the sector. The first of these are the Tosçelik Osmaniye Flat and Structural Steel production facilities, which began construction in April 2008. With a rapid and stubborn investment process against the crisis rearing its head around the world, hot sheet production began with the first liquid steel and billet production facilities going into operation in August 2009 and the hot sheet rolling plant going into effect in November 2009. Then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented this facility to the service of Turkish industry with a joyful inauguration ceremony in 2010 as the first Turkish private sector flat steel production facility. 

TANAP Infrastructure Spiral Facilities

The Osmaniye Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Production Facilities and Flat Structural Steel Production Facilities together began construction in April 2018 and began operations, seeing completion within a year. The facility serves important infrastructure projects in Turkey’s development and has provided notable benefits for our country in this field by supplying much of the piping material for the TANAP Project, which will carry Azerbaijani Natural Gas to Europe.

Wire Rod and Rebar Production

Tosyalı Holding laid the foundations in 2012 for the coil and rod rolling plant it added to its investment chain to fortify its power in the sector and widen its range of products. The facility performs high added-value coil and construction iron production, was completed in record speed, and started production in July 2014. The facility sets itself apart from other investments as having advanced technology that can perform the highest quality and scale of production every performed in Turkey. 

Solar Energy

Tosyalı Holding put the 10MW solar energy plant, the largest roof energy project in the world, into operation in 2017, installing it on the roof of the ERW Pipe Profile Production Facility in Osmaniye.

Lime Plant Production

With an annual capacity of 600,000 tons, Tosçelik Lime Plant, which has the highest production tonnage in a single factory in Turkey and Middle East Europe, was realized in Osmaniye with an investment of 1.5 billion TL. Tosçelik Lime Plant also stands out with the high technology it uses in production and being the first lime production plant in Turkey to use natural gas instead of petroleum coke among the plants with such a large tonnage production.

Tosyali Demir Çelik Sariseki Plant

Tosyalı Demir Çelik Sarıseki Plant, Turkey's largest industrial investment, has started test production at one of its two Quantum Furnaces. Sarıseki Plant, which will eliminate Turkey's 4 million tons of flat steel imports, will be the first user of Quantum Furnace technology in Turkey, which contributes to lower carbon emissions with lower electrical energy consumption.

Tosyalı Toyo Tin Production

With the pandemic, the demand for healthy, practical and hygienic packaged food is increasing, while the use of packaging steel is becoming more widespread every day. Global demand for packaging steel, which has a very high recycling rate compared to plastics, continues to increase in parallel. With this sustainability-oriented development, Tosyalı Toyo, a joint venture between Turkey's global steel producer Tosyalı and Japan's high-tech steel producer Toyo Kohan, which produces Turkey's first high-tech and high value-added flat steel, will double its tinplate production capacity to 650 thousand tons. The additional capacity increase amounting to approximately 200 million dollars was commissioned by the end of 2023.

Tosyalı Toyo Cold Rolling Facilities

Having an annual rolling capacity of 1.2 million tons, Tosyalı Toyo produces Türkiye’s first advanced technology and high value-added flat steel. In the

product range; Tosyalı Toyo, which tinplate, galvanized, pre-painted, cold-rolled, pickled hot-rolled product, is the only manufacturer in Türkiye that can reduce

the thickness to 0.12 mm in width of 1,300 mm in tin products and 0.20 mm in other cold-rolled iron and steel products.

Iskenderun Sarıseki Port

Tosyalı Holding put its Iskenderun Sarıseki Port investment into operation, completing it in 2018.