Founder of Tosyalı Holding and Chairman of the Board

Fuat Tosyalı, the founder and the chairman of Tosyalı Holding, which is operating in 3 different continents with 40 production facilities and nearly 15.000 employees, was born in 1961.

Starting his business life as an apprentice in his father Hacı Şerif Tosyalı pipe store in 1967, he took over the business in the70s.Fuat Tosyalı founded the companies Tosyalı Metal Trade in 1988,Tosyalı lron and Steel Copmany in1993 and Tosyalı lnternational Trade in 1996.

Following domestic and international market growth in varying steel segments, Fuat Tosyalı initiated the institutionalization of the group by founding Tosyalı Holding in 1998 asa progressive step in the group's history. Since then, Fuat Tosyalı has been serving as the Chair of Tosyalı Holding Board of Directors.

As chairman, he played a leading role in drawing the path to open the doors to global markets & international cooperations. Tosyalı Algerie (2011) which, is the biggest investment of Turkey abroad, Tosçelik Niksic Montenegro (2012), Tosyalı Toyo (2012) - partnership with Japanese Toyo Kohan, Tosyalı Harsco (2017) - partnership with US Harsco, Tosyalı Senegal (2019) and Tosyalı Angola (2020) have been the successful implementations of the global focus strategy of him.

During the 50 - year term of Fuat Tosyalı, Tosyalı Holding not only widened the gap with its competitors in domestic market but alsa mana ged to be listed among the top 100 global steel players.

Fuat Tosyalı has also been the Chairman of BMC, one of Turkey's most established commercial and military vehicle manufacturers, since 2021.

Fuat Tosyalı is alsa serving as the Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Steel Producers Association, Chairman of the Board of Mediterranean Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association, Executive Board Membership of Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) - Senegal Business Council Presidency, Turkey Wealth Fund Board Member, Board Membership of the Turkish Tax Council, Board Membership of Directors of Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) as well as being a member of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TiM).

Fuat Tosyalı has been honored by many respectful organizations and public authorities:

• 1999 Honorary Award ByTurkish Republic President

• 2007 Distinguished Service Medal by Grand National Assembly of Turkey

• 2017 Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Honorary Doctorate

• 2017 People & Environment Award by lstanbul Trade Union

• 2022 Turkey's Power of Production Award by lndependent lndustrialists' and Businessmen's Association