Hot Rolled Steel Group

Flat steel production in Tosyalı Demir Çelik Yassı Yapısal is carried out in accordance with different standards and the chemical, physical and mechanical properties specified in the relevant standards. To find out more details about and order our products click here.

Cutting to length and slitting services for every hot rolled sheet between 1 mm - 26 mm thickness can be provided through our Steel Service Centers. Our steel service centers operate in Osmaniye, İskenderun, Aliağa and Dilovası.

The Pickled and Hot Rolled Products are produced by cleaning the scale layer of hot rolled products with hydrochloric acid in the continuous pickling line. Pickled products are preferred in places where surface cleaning is important in terms of surface appearance. Pickled products are produced as oiled or oil-free depending on customer preference.

Pickled, hot rolled steels are being produced by Tosyalı Toyo.