Spiral Welded Pipe Group


Toscelik Spiral Pipe Mills are capable to make bare pipe production and coating –lining application of spiral welded steel pipes conform to ; API, API Q1, ISO, EN, DIN, NFA,AWWA ,BS standards  , our production efficiency has been homologated and certified by all international accreditation associations,

Our production facilities verified via 3rd party inspection agencies by periodic audits , According to the project requirements Toscelik Spiral pipe may supply pipes for any kind of domestic and international projects,

Pipe production variety :  

  • Natural Gas Pipes
  • Petroleum Pipes
  • Water Pipes
  • Port Piling Pipes

Production Range :

  • Diameter: 16"- 120" inch
  • Wall Thickness: 4- 28 mm

External Coating :

  • 3LPE , 3LPP, PU, GFE - Glass Flake Epoxy , Epoxy , FBE

Internal Lining:

  • SFE – Solvent Free Epoxy, FCE - Flow Coat Epoxy, Cement Mortar – CM