The mosque which was built in 2014 in Belen district of Hatay provice was projected based on the Ottoman architecture, and is unique in its kind in terms of dome, minaret structure, as well as interior design. The total construction area is 1,530 square meters and consists of a basement, main mosque and gathering place and is covered with 19 porticoes. It has 40 meters long double minarets. The diameter of the main dome is 18 meters.

There are 4 classrooms, 1 teacher room and ablution areas in the basement. On the ground floor of the mosque, there are imam rooms, the last congregation and the women congregation areas. With this structure, it appeals to 1,200 people including porticoes.

Outside the mosque area, there is a fountain which is parallel to the mosque architecture with a diameter of 4 m. The basement floor is used as a green area with landscaping. The mosque was donated to the Directorate of Religious Affairs.