Tosyalı Iron Steel Industry Algerie

About Tosyali Algerie 

TOSYALI Algerie, Algerie's one of the biggest private investment and largest exporter outside the hydro-carbon sectors, also stands out as Türkiye's largest industrial invesment abroad. Founded in 2007, TOSYALI Algerie has become one of the leading integrated complexes not only in Africa but also in Europe in terms of high technology usage and the world's most efficient production in terms of energy.  

TOSYALI Algerie started to produce steel products by the second half of 2013. This production has made a significant contribution to decrease import to the country by meeting the fastly growing Algeria’s construction needs. Today, TOSYALI Algerie has become the continent’s largest integrated facility that provides direct employment for nearly 6000 people, producing DRI, pellet, billet/bloom, coil/hank, reinforced bars, wire rod and spiral pipes for the construction sector, the transport of hydrocarbons, automobile industry and shipbuilding. 

Moreover, TOSYALI Algerie has been listed among the facilities that produce green and environmentally friendly steel in the world, thanks to its (DRI) technology. TOSYALI Algerie, which has the world's largest DRI production facilities with an annual capacity of 2.5 million tons and the world's largest arc furnace working with DRI, broke the world record two years in a row by reaching a production figure of 2.23 million tons in 2020 and 2.28 million tons in 2021. When the new second DRI investment is completed, TOSYALI Algerie will be the company with the world's largest twin DRI facility with a total capacity of 5 million tons.

TOSYALI Algerie, whose fourth stage of the fifth stage investment is ongoing, will turn into an industrial facility with a flat and long product capacity of 8.5 million tons, of which 7.5 million tons will be from an integrated mining facility, when all stages are completed. 

Tosyalı Algerie, Jewel of Algeria, is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the world's leading facilities in green steel production with a lower carbon footprint as an independent production complex that has the ability to operate with 100% hydrogen, with zero emission, fully integrated with its own port.