Leadership School

Leader Training

  • This is the mandatory training prepared to help those found in the positions of foremen, team-manager engineers, chiefs, managers, and higher-up management develop their management skills and visions.
  • The titles of the training were prepared to include the managerial skills of the institution.
  • Beyond the classroom training, Online Campus training, videos, and article or books can be recommended. Educational tools such as feedback and coaching can be presented.

Leader Candidate Training

  • It presents facility and holding units with programs and processes that aim to cultivate managers.
  • Foremen candidates from blue-collar workers selected from the facilities through HR processes and chief candidates from white-collar workers who are selected from facility or holding units are managed in two groups to be cultivated.
  • Candidates whose managers recommend them based on their performance scores are included in the Evaluation Center, where the Human Resources Department measures leadership potential based on the competencies required for foremen and chiefs.
  • After the Evaluation Center, foremen and chief candidates selected as leader candidates receive a “Leader Candidate Certificate” after successfully completing the programs spread over the course of a year based on specified criteria. Potentials candidates that receive certificates are appointed foremen or chiefs when there are suitable positions.
  • Leader candidate training doesn’t just include mandatory classroom training but also receives support from leadership books, committee work, feedback, coaching, and Online Campus activities.
  • Even if employees who will be trained as chief candidates from team-manager engineers have previously obtained leadership training, they will participate in the leader candidate training presented with a different process and content.