Fundamental Training School

Orientation Training

  • Each newly hired manager and employee attends in the orientation programs that vary based on position to ensure swift compliance with the institution and the work.
  • Each orientation program commences on the first workday with “Working at Tosyalı”, which introduces the institution, followed by the “Occupational Health and Safety” training. The orientation program progresses to vary based on the title and position from the second day.
  • Each employee and manager gets acquainted with the orientation programs on their first workday and then start working after completing the training process.
  • The Manager Orientation Program continues for at most five days to introduce the facility and units related to the person’s position and acquaint them with their managers and employees. The Academy for the General Manager, Deputy General Managers, Group Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Deputy Managers organize and manage the program.
  • The Employee Orientation Program continues with the “Orientation” program at work for at least 10 days in special content based on the work, defining the person’s position. The Academy organizes and manages the  white-collar employees who will work in Holding units. HR and the internal trainers of the facility organize and handle the facility white-collar and blue-collar workers. 

Competence Training

  • These are the 1-2 day training programs matched with fundamental competencies that vary for blue-collar and white-collar employees at the facilities and within the Holding company and that the Human Resources Department specifies and the necessary functional competencies in the business areas of white-collar employees in certain positions. 
  • Participation in training that develops the competencies specified for positions is mandatory, and all employees must complete them within two years.
  • The Tosyalı Academy manages the content, organization, follow-up, and evaluation of the competency trainings.
  • Measurements with the pre-/post-tests and manager observation forms assist in monitoring the efficiency of the competence programs.

Project Training

  • These are the project-based training programs that include the new systems or practices or business models of the institution that employees in the facility and holding units must take currently (such as 5S, Kaizen, lean, 6 Sigma, TPM, TKY).